An Iconic Poster Drop


By Linus Hartigan, Staff Writer

As Hoover High students gathered in the quad on Wednesday, watching the rolled up posters on the third floor, all wondered the same thing: Will my grade’s poster be the best? 

When the posters finally dropped, one by one, it became apparent that not only did this project take a lot of effort, but that there are some very talented students working in ASB.

One of the biggest surprises of the poster drop was the Junior poster’s highly detailed rendition of Spider-Man.

“Our poster was better than expected,” junior art director Sean Fox said.

While Fox was very happy about how his class’ poster turned out, his twin sister, Tara Fox, was relieved the whole ordeal went well.

“There was a small rip but I was able to catch it before it went too far,” she said

The senior class found the poster drop fun and sad.

“It’s my last poster drop, and my last BGD, for senior year. It’s just sad, but also really exciting,” senior class president Lydia Araujo said.

According to Araujo, there were only about four or five students working on the senior poster, and she did the letters.

Amanda Bystrom, ASB President, was very proud of the senior poster.

“I think it’s very iconic, very funny, very good, very creative, and very awesome,” she said.