From the Ground Up


By Natalia Khodaverdi, Staff Writer

Amy Novshadyan, a sophomore at Hoover High School, is the daughter of NOVA Market and Catering owners, Hamo and Adrine Novshadyan.

Her parents had to juggle owning a business and having three kids at home to take care of, Amy and her brothers, Alex and Allen Novshadyan. 

“In the first year, the new business was very demanding. Our parents were always at the store, so we would try to help them out and stick together as a family,” said Alex, Amy’s oldest brother. 

NOVA Market and Catering started in 2015. 

They were able to open, and it took about a year to spread the news of their newly added kitchen and ready made food items.

Alex stated, “We found the perfect location to be able to serve the community with a grocery store. The store was built from the ground up with customer convenience in mind. Every item on the shelves was stocked based on what the community needed and built around our core values.” 

Prior to opening NOVA Market, the Novshadyan Family had more than ten years of experience in the grocery and catering industry, running a smaller store before they moved up to opening their own store. They wanted to open a bigger location to provide all of the items that the community would need, along with the kitchen to provide fresh, ready made meals and barbecue.