Throwback to the 80’s I Fashion Advice #1

Throwback to the 80’s I Fashion Advice #1

Throwback to the 80’s 


In 2019 a surprising number of 80’s clothing has made a comeback. Two that are currently trending include mom jeans and denim jackets.

Mom jeans were once worn by middle aged women in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were originally considered “unhip” by teenagers at the time, but have made a comeback with teenage girls in 2019.

Mom jeans today are worn in various ways. Some like to wear the jeans with a cropped top while others like to tuck in a loose fitted tee.

Image result for mom jeans with crop topImage result for mom jeans with tucked in shirt

Just like mom jeans, denim jackets have come back from the dead. These tight fitted jackets originally seen in the 80’s are now seen being worn by both men and women of different ages.

The jackets are usually worn plain but today’s generation has added a twist to the original idea such as ironing on patches to match one’s interests or painting their own creative design.

Image result for jean jacket with patches

 This new innovative way to wear denim jackets are being worn by women over a knitted sweater or over a plain,loose fitted t-shirt.

Image result for jean jacket with knitted sweater underneath

Unlike women who enjoy customizing  their denim jackets with patches and colors, men like to wear their jackets plain and simple.

Men of all ages can be seen wearing these fashionable jackets with either skinny jeans or loose fitted jeans along with their favorite band tee or a plain white one.

Image result for jean jacket plain for men with white tee

Fashion continues reusing old clothing trends to make new innovative ideas to create new trends.

Zoe Romano