Pantsuits for Women I Fashion Advice #3

Pantsuits for Women

            Pantsuits are extremely popular for women this fall, being worn in numerous ways to match every occasion. From casual to formal, let’s discover the different ways women wear pantsuits.

We begin with wearing formal trousers along with a nice blouse covered by a button-up blazer and a pair of simple heels.

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    Credit: Tumblr

To add more to this formal look, you can add a belt, jewelry , or a belted bag.

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Credit : Vogue

If the formal look just isn’t you, you can wear a pantsuit casually, too, just by adding a plain white tee or crop top.

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Changing the top adds an informal appearance.Even more casual, you can wear a pair of sneakers instead of high heels, providing more comfort to a long day.

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 Pantsuits or power suits are super cute for presentations or interviews, and can also be worn out with friends for a night out.

Zoe Romano